This is an advanced stretching program. The program is a real how-to that will help you elongate your muscles. it is serious flexibility training and is very effective. The program is perfect for dancers, gymnasts and martial artists. The program has six sections that can be mixed and matched, so that you can add some variety to your workout. It is easy to modify and use, even if you are not physically fit. Many customers claim that it is effective at reducing muscle pain, if you follow the program and use it daily. The program is primarily designed to increase flexibility, but it can improve your overall fitness level as well.


  • The program is designed to help you elongate your muscles.
  • It improves flexibility.
  • It is an advanced program and can be modified for beginners.
  • Many people find this program is great for pain relief.
  • Martial artists, dancers, gymnasts or anyone else in a profession requiring a lot of flexibility will benefit from this program.


During the workout, six different sections of your body are targeted, in just 75minutes. Lastics is all about stretching. It is also about stretching in a way that provides the most effective muscle stretching you can get; and the stretch is actually felt throughout your entire body. There are six DVD chapters and each one of them is designed to focus on a specific area of your body. All of your muscles are stretched, even if they are not in the target muscle group you happen to be working on. You can mix and match the sections and eliminate the stretches that you cannot do.


  • This program is not recommended for anyone that that has a herniated disc in the back.
  • Several of the stretches in the video are difficult, if not impossible, for someone to do if they if they do not already have an above average level of flexibility.


  • This program can be modified for beginners and steps them through increasing levels of flexibility.
  • This is a great program that professionals can benefit from.
  • The six sections of the DVD can be mixed around so you have variety to your routine.
  • The program is very easy to modify for those with different levels of flexibility and overall fitness.


  • If you have herniated discs you cannot do this program.
  • The music is not very good.
  • Many people do not have 75 minutes a day that they can devote to an exercise routine.


  1. “This program is amazing. It is well designed to bring strengthening and stretching to a new generation. It will take you flexibility to the next level. The program is also good because it educates you about how important it is to develop inner strength. I am a martial artist and I can tell you that this DVD takes a novel approach to the whole idea of stretching. It is a very efficient program.”
  2. “I am not into writing reviews, but this DVD changed my life, and I had to review it after using it for about 5 days. I am a previous runner, and I love to hike and be active, but the past few years I had to slow down due to significant hip pains and a tremendous spine pain. No doctor has found an etiology to this pain, but after just five days of working out with this program my pains have greatly subsidised. Honestly, I have not felt this good despite seeing numerous doctors, several yoga exercises, and diet changes. Thanks to this DVD, I am now sleeping well and feeling way better. I didn’t expect this type of physiological response, but my body loves this program.”
  3. “I love this one! Donna is fantastic and is also a great instructor who has helped my flexibility in just three weeks! You have an option of selecting sections you find suitable and don’t have to do the entire session. I like the stretches because they have eliminated my tight hamstrings. Before this program, I could only lift my knee up to my hips, but now I can do it up to my chest! This is the first DVD that has made me review it and enlighten people on what they are missing out on. I really can’t compare this DVD with the rest. I am looking forward to reach the professional level, wish me luck!”
  4. “I got this DVD with a gift card. It’s a thorough, classic, intense stretch workout routine that I have constantly been using! I feel advanced flexibility already throughout my body especially my hamstrings. This routine gives me a run for my money! I’m very pleased with it.”
  5. “I love Lastics. I have bought both of her DVD s, and I find them very beneficial. I am trying splits, and this DVD definitely shows you what to do and how to do it. Although I show very little progress, I would say that this program helps. There are separate sections of the DVD that you can mix and match. There is a preview on YouTube that can get you started. Truly speaking, this might be the best stretching DVD around especially for hamstrings; because how Donna stretches them is very clever and is the most effective way. Together with Kristina, they do a great job. This is the ultimate DVD to improve your flexibility.”


Customers love this DVD set. It is low impact, so anyone can do it. It has been proven to increase flexibility and decrease pain. It is for these reasons, that we approve this DVD set as a healthy way to reduce weight and increase flexibility. It is hard to find a DVD set that is appropriate for both professionals and beginners, this DVD is just that. This is the best program you can get if you want to increase your flexibility in a short period of time.

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