Nutritionist to the Stars Tells Us His Best Tips for Weight Loss Success

Hollywood celebrities aren’t the only ones in on the secret anymore. The famous nutritionist who’s helped so many A-listers achieve weight loss victory has decided to fill the rest of us in on his secrets to help us get there ourselves. Dr. Philip Goglia has worked with many hollywood actors and celebrities. Chris Hemsley, Brie Larson, and Khloe Kardashian are just a few name-drops with weight loss success stories he can claim. Dr. Goglia.says the main goal tin getting people to their desired weight in a healthy way is to tackle the inflammation problem. Here are 4 ways he suggests doing just that.

  • Cutting Out the Starch: Not all starches are bad, Goglia says. The multi-starches are the real problem. Foods with yeast, mold or gluten starches are the ones to stay away from. But there are still single starches to fill up on that are healthy like rice, potatoes, and oatmeal. They won’t get the body into trouble with inflammations caused by multi-starch foods.
  • Dairy-Free is the Key: While it’s still important to get enough calcium and vitamin-D to stay healthy, there a plenty of alternatives to dairy that don’t carry a lot of inflammatory baggage along with them. Sinus congestion, belly fat and skin irritations are just a few problems dairy can come with. It can also hurt digestion, causing gas and bloating, and interfere with the body’s oxygen flow, according to Dr. Goglia. Certainly the number of lactose intolerant people in the world attests to that fact. Find a healthy nondairy alternative to use instead.
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate: Staying hydrated is really the key to combatting inflammation, and it helps in so many other ways, too, Dr. Goglia tells us. He says we should drink the same number of ounces as half our weight in pounds each day. In other words, if someone weighs 150-lbs, they should drink 75-oz of water.. That may sound like a lot of H2O! The truth is we need to keep our blood and circulatory systems running, and water is what helps our bodies bring the nutrients in and the toxins out. Without enough water they get stuck in places and cause trouble-like inflammation! Keeping hydrated also helps regulate body temperature. According to Goglia, when our body temperature plummets, the body hangs on to fat cells for extra insulation. Proper hydration solves this problem. So,remember- water is our friend and keep drinking!
  • Save The Protein for Sleep: Protein is one of the body’s best healers for repairing damage to muscle tissue and to build new muscles mass.The body needs time to replenish itself after exercise and restore the system to health.The best time to do that is at night, Goglia says, when we’re at rest, Since protein aides in this process, he suggests saving our biggest portion of protein for the end of the day. This allows our bodies to recover from inflammation and soreness in our muscles and joints faster. So save some extra protein to add to dinner or a bedtime snack for best results.

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